Even the strongest girl is weak … also even I become weak. Sorry mom, sorry dad .. sorry for what I’ve done..!!! I still love you! ♥


Every 47 minutes a man commits suizit. Maybe every 47 minutes died a teenager. Because some teenager mean, they must say, you fat or you ugly. Then they are thinking, they are really ugly, but in real life they are really beautiful! So let them go and don’t say they are ugly or so! EVERY ONE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

I stand alone in a dark room. The mirror is my light. With open eyes I look at the subject matter, of drives me crazy. Laboriously I move before the window of hell. I lock up my eyes. An iron hand grasping at my throat. Everywhere I am. The meat takes up all the space. I am devoured thereof. Meat. The mirror is smeared with grease. The eriserne hand pushes me to the swollen throat. Meat mountains suffocate me. Help! Lifeless body sinks down the anorexia.